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Federal Workers Compensation

Federal Disability Retirement Benefits

Federal Employees retirement System

Civil Service Retirement System

Social Security disability Benefits


Attorney Capp P. Taylor is a federal work comp attorney. Mr Taylor specializes in federal work comp cases. Since Mr. Taylor is a federal work comp attorney, our office can answer any questions you may have about federal workers compensation.

Attorney Capp P. Taylor is dedicated to assisting injured federal civilian employees throughout the southeast U.S. Mr. Taylor pursues all benefits to which they are entitled.

Our office proudly serves all federal districts. We represent the federal employee.

Many federal employees are not sure of their rights or entitlement to certain benefits. Mr. Taylor has represented thousands of injured people over the past 30 years. Mr. Taylor thoroughly understands the "system" and the hardships many of the injured endure.

Mr. Taylor knows the correlation between the federal workers' compensation benefits, federal disability retirement benefits, federal employees retirement system (FERS), civil service retirement system (CSRS) and social security disability benefits. Many people are not aware of the relationship that these benefits hold and can not differentiate between the two when making the decisions that are necessary.

To see how we can be of assistance to you with any of these services please contact us. Capp Taylor, federal workers compensation attorney.

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